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Passionate about serving others

Jaden Burchard is the CEO and Owner of Convenience To Go. Ever since a young age, Jaden had dedicated his life journey to helping others. This eventually led to him to discover his life purpose of being your very own personal shopping assistant. 

Convenience To Go exists as a personal shopping delivery service, designed to benefit the elderly, disabled, and anyone who does not have the time or ability to shop for themselves. Convenience To Go will operate in Elmira and the surrounding areas.

So many of you may be asking, "how does this work?". The customer makes a call or submits a request online with their list. Then the Convenience To Go employee springs to action and delivers the supplies purchased. Anything can be bought from food, clothing, as well as prescriptions/medications, making possibilities endless. Convenience To Go shops locally around different places so the consumer can get their weekly errand needs. Imagination is the limit.Convenience To Go will maintain customer satisfaction and a good reputation. 


  • DBA and other possessions that make Convenience To Go capable of doing business

  • We are active members in the community and adhere to people's best interests

  • Convenience To Go  is eager to improve the world one delivery at a time

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